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Physical Fitness Research Institute

The rapid increase in the proportion of older population in Japan has been producing serious health and welfare problems. The mission of our research institute is to contribute to creating a society, in which people can live more vital and healthy. For the achievement of our mission, we have been engaging in research to solve these problems. In particular, our recent research projects have focused on developing the methods of population approach for health promotion in a community or workplace. To make this possible in society, we have challenged and collaborated with local government, academia, private enterprises, and various stakeholders in the community.

The results from those studies are presented in our own publication “Bulletin of the Physical Fitness Research Institute”, domestic and international academic conferences and journals.

Hiroshi Chikaraishi Director

Our research projects

Our research institute has three research projects: (1) a workplace-based project that examines the associations of physical activity and sedentary behavior with the health status of office workers, (2) a community-based project that develops the programs and implementation strategies to promote health in the community, and (3) a basic research project that explores the physiological and biochemical mechanisms of physical activity-induced brain health benefits using humans and animals.

Workplace-based Research Project

  1. Examination on the associations of physical activity and sedentary behavior with physical and mental health in office workers (MYLS study)
  2. Development of strategies to establish exercise habits for physically inactive office workers
  3. Dissemination of healthy and safe remote workstyle for office workers

Community-based Research Project

  1. Development of social prescribing services and its implementation in the community
  2. Development of online health services for the promotion of physical activity and social participation in older adults and its impact on the prevention of frailty.

Basic Research Project

  1. Acute and chronic effects of low-intensity exercise on cognitive and memory functions in older adults and its physiological mechanism.
  2. Impact of environmental condition on the developments of brain structure and function in mice and its biochemical mechanisms.
  3. Examination of the relationship between exercise conditions and impacts on cognitive functions in older adults.

Our research achievements

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